In this article, we’re going to list everything you need to know to fill out the Whataburger customer satisfaction survey and earn a reward. Completing this survey will earn you a coupon for a free Whataburger menu item in most cases. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity tostart provide Whataburger with customer-service and quality assurance-related feedback that will allow them to improve the store’s customer experience.

First, we’ll go over the Whataburger survey eligibility requirements. Then we’ll walk you through the survey process. After that, we’ll list other details and facts you’ll want to know before completing the survey and give you the best ways of contacting Whataburger customer support.

Survey Participation Requirements

To be eligible to complete the Whataburger customer satisfaction survey and earn a free menu item, you’ll need to meet the following requirements.

  • Be a legal resident of the U.S.
  • Be over the age of 18.
  • You cannot work at Whataburger. Nor can any member of your household or immediate family.
  • If you’re using a receipt, the code should be less than three days old.

Survey Rewards and Benefits

Upon successful completion of the Whataburger customer satisfaction survey, you’ll receive a code to redeem for a specified Whataburger menu item. Typical Whataburger survey rewards are a free Whataburger, free fries, a free drink, or a significant discount on popular burgers. You’ll receive one code per survey completed. Your receipt can only be used to access the survey one time.

Survey: How to Participate

1. Start the Whataburger survey at If you prefer to take the survey in Spanish, you’ll find a link to switch the language preference at the bottom-right of the page.
2. Enter the survey code from your receipt and click “Start.”Whataburger survey
3. If you need help locating the Whataburger survey code on your receipt, click on the link directly below the code box to access a visual that will help you find your code.
4. If you don’t have a code on your receipt, click on the link below the code box that says “If your receipt does not have a survey code, click here” to be taken to the next page.Whataburger survey code
5. Enter the store number from the top section of your receipt when directed.
6. Select “Dine-In,” “Carry-Out” or “Drive-Thru.”
7. When prompted, rate your level of satisfaction with various parts of your Whataburger experience. You’ll be asked about the customer service you encountered, the cleanliness and appearance of the restaurant, and the quality of your food.
8. After sharing your experience, you’ll need to enter a small amount of personal information: Your name, age, gender, and email address.
9. Once you’ve submitted the required information, you’ll receive a one-time use validation code.
10. Write the code down on your receipt.
11. Bring the receipt back to Whataburger and redeem the code to get the reward.

Survey – Useful Info

  • You may have to make a small Whataburger purchase when redeeming your reward code to be eligible for the reward.
  • You’ll need to redeem your reward code within 30 days of completing the survey.
  • Make sure JavaScript is installed and enabled before beginning the survey.
  • Enable browser cookies to complete the Whataburger survey successfully.
  • The Whataburger survey will typically take between five to ten minutes of your time.
  • Take a look at the Whataburger survey terms of service and Whataburger privacy policy if you’d like to know more details about the survey and how Whataburger uses your personal information.


You can contact Whataburger customer support for help through the contact form on their website. If you prefer phone communication, you can get in touch with Whataburger’s main office by calling 210-476-6000. Whataburger responds to customer service inquiries through social media as well. They are most active on their Whataburger Facebook profile and Whataburger Twitter page. Send them a message for help or questions.