Terms of Use

In this section, we will explain how you, the user, can take advantage of the OnlineSurveyReports content. Content includes, but is not limited to, text, images, screenshots etc. The OnlineSurveyReports content is the property of the OnlineSurveyReports team and as such is protected by international copyright laws.

Please read these rules in full. Breaching any of the provisions stipulated on this page can and will be punished, depending on the severity of the breach. Punishments can range from warnings, to user account bans, or even legal action, where the situation warrants it.

Permitted Use of OnlineSurveyReports Content

The content offered on OnlineSurveyReports is offered to all users of the website free of charge. The content is meant to provide guidance and information on trusted online surveys.  The information can be saved, revisited and used strictly for personal use.

OnlineSurveyReports content can also be shared online, via social media, or other communication platforms, but only in a non-commercial way. This means you cannot expect any sort of gains, either monetary or of any other nature by sharing our material, neither from the users you share it with or the owners of the OnlineSurveyReports website.

Content is intended to be used “as-is”.

Limited Use of OnlineSurveyReports Content

OnlineSurveyReports content can be share in order to provide information and examples on a website or personal blog. However, one must inform the owners of OnlineSurveyReport before doing so. If you would like to reference OnlineSurveyReports content, you must inform the OnlineSurveyReports team regarding:

  1. The nature of the content in which you will be referencing the content.
  2. The context in which you will make the reference.
  3. The purpose of the reference.

Once you have discussed with the OnlineSurveyReports team, you will need to wait our approval. We reserve the right to grant or deny approval as we see fit. We also reserve the right to withdraw previously granted approval if we feel the context, purpose or nature of the material in which the reference was included differs in any way from the one approved.

When referencing OnlySurveyReports content, please note the original source and a link back to our website, displayed visibly and legibly for all users.

This applies to content referenced as is, parts of content and paraphrases and rewritings of content.

Forbidden Use of OnlineSurveyReports Content

OnlineSurveyReports content cannot be used for any commercial or self-promotional purposes.

OnlineSurveyReports content cannot be used without our explicit permission. This applies to text, images etc. in full but also to parts of content as well.

Paraphrasing or rewriting OnlineSurveyReport content without our permission constitutes a violation of the terms of use policy.

Failure to comply with these requirements will be punished. Personal content which does not follow these guidelines must be immediately taken down upon notice.

Limitations of Liability

The content offered on OnlineSurveyReports is subject to change. We take the liberty of changing both content and website as we see fit, to better serve our readers.

We do our best to keep content as up to date as possible. However, we are not the owners of the surveys mentioned in our guides. As such, we take no responsibility for possible discrepancies between our content and the surveys referenced.

OnlineSurveyReports content should be used solely for informative purposes. We encourage you to cross-check the information provided here. We do not take responsibility for any damages you may suffer as a result of misusing the content provided on OnlineSurveyReports.

User Conduct on OnlineSurveyReports

  1. We encourage our users to engage in conversation, using our website, OnlineSurveyReports as a platform. To this end, we would like all our users to note and abide by the following conduct rules:
  2. Users must refrain from using vulgar or aggressive language. Comments should maintain a respectful tone at all times, regardless of the topic.
  3. Comments which feature racist, sexist or other types of offensive language are not tolerated.
  4. Users must not attempt to hack into or breach the integrity of the OnlineSurveyReports website in any way. Any users caught attempting to tamper with the security or integrity of the website will be prosecuted according to international law.
  5. Users must not try to obtain personal or sensitive information from other users. Any attempt to do so will result in a ban.
  6. The comments section of the OnlineSurveyReports website is public. Any user who accesses the site will be able to view published comments. As such, please DO NOT include personal or sensitive information in the comments. All such information/comments will be deleted. Personal or sensitive information includes, but is not limited to, home address, work address, full names, phone number etc.

We reserve the right to change our terms of use policy at any time, as we see fit. Note that we might not be able to inform all our users of the changes, so please revisit this page to note any changes.