Smoothie King is a popular chain that produces a variety of delicious blended fruit drinks. The first store was in Louisiana, but the store currently has more than 600 locations spread across three continents.

Beyond just being tasty, the smoothies are great for an energy boost, or as an integral part of practicing good nutrition. Smoothie King attained the #1 ranking in their category by listening to customer feedback. You can earn rewards by completing a Smoothie King Survey and earn valuable benefits for yourself.

Smoothie King Survey Participation Requirements

  • Anyone who has an authentic Smoothie King receipt may participate in the customer experience survey.
  • Your survey receipt must have a survey invitation.
  • There aren’t any specific age requirements to complete the customer experience questionnaire and to secure the promotional award noted on the receipt.
  • Once you complete the survey, you are only required to offer generic age, gender and race data for classification purposes.

Smoothie King Survey Benefits & Rewards

  • Each customer that finishes a Smoothie King Customer Experience Survey, will be given a unique code. Write this code into the blank space on your receipt to receive the indicated free item, or special discount offer.
  • The reward for completing the Smoothie King Customer Experience Survey can be redeemed at any Smoothie King location.
  • Since Smoothie King provides a redemption code to get your promotional offer, there isn’t any requirement to enter your personal information. They only ask for generic demographic data for research and classification purposes.

Smoothie King Survey: How to Participate

  1. Have your Smoothie King Store receipt handy.
  2. Go to the Smoothie King survey website.
  3. Correctly fill in the verification information. This step includes the store number located at the top, plus the date and time of your visit printed on your receipt.
  4. You can get help finding your store ID number, date and time by using the company feedback website at
  5. Click on the red start tab to begin your survey.Smoothie King survey
  6. Follow the instructions by filling out the multiple choice survey questions.

After completing all these steps, you will finally get to the part you’ve been waiting for. You will be asked questions concerning your overall store experience, how you like the products you purchased, and what you thought about the overall store atmosphere, including the service.

  1. There are optional written questions, where you can explain any problems, or mention any special comments you may have about the employees, the products, or your store experience.
  2. If your survey indicates a potential prize allocation, you will need to include your personal contact information. Please review the Smoothie King Privacy Policy. The survey is conducted on the website, and all information and privacy policies apply.

Smoothie King Survey – Useful Info

  • Once you complete your Smoothie King survey, you will be provided with an authentic code. This code is necessary to receive the special offer or reward indicated on your receipt.
  • The Smoothie King Customer Experience Survey website does not require cookies, so you can complete the short survey from any browser or mobile device.
  • You can check out the FAQ page on the Smoothie King website if you have additional questions, or want to purchase Smoothie King Gift Cards.
  • There is also a useful nutrition and fitness page where you can review the Smoothie King recipes, or read informative articles about fitness, diet and how Smoothie King can help you lose weight.

Contact Smoothie King

If you have questions about a specific Smoothie King franchise, you can call the telephone number on your store receipt. There is also a convenient Smoothie King store locator available on the company corporate website. Smoothie King promotes customer feedback, which helps them to maintain their lofty status.

The contact method for the corporate office is:

Smoothie King has held a stellar ranking for over two decades. They have maintained this ranking by providing delicious products. However, they also maintain an open policy that advocates all types of customer feedback.

You will earn purchase rewards and free merchandise by being part of the Smoothie King experience. After you complete the Smoothie King survey, leave feedback about what you like or dislike about the program.