Privacy Policy

User privacy is one of our top priorities. In this section of the OnlineSurveyReports website, we explain what types of online information we may collect, how we collect it, and how we are going to use it. If at any time you do not feel comfortable with our collection or use of personal information, let us know or discontinue using the website. Any changes to our privacy policy will be signaled in this section.

Types of Online Information

There are two types of personal user information a website may operate with. These types are known as personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information. OnlineSurveyReports will operate with both only when users give their explicit consent. In this section, we will explain what each of these two categories means, what types of information falls into which category, and why our website might need this information.

What is personally identifiable information?

Personally identifiable information is the type of information that may identify you as a person. This type of information includes things such as personal home address, work address, phone number, email address, full names of you or people close to you etc.

Why would we collect it?

Personally identifiable information is the most sensitive type of information you may share on the internet. That is why we avoid collecting and storing this type of information. However, there is a limited number of situations in which we will need some personally identifiable information from you.

When you send us a message or ask a question, either through the Contact Us section, or through the Comments section of an article, we will need to know your name and email address, in order to contact you with feedback or a reply.

We may also need personally identifiable information when you sign up for a newsletter, or when you create an account on our website, to verify your identity.

We will never collect personally identifiable information without first asking for your consent.

What is non-personally identifiable information?

Non-personally identifiable information is personal information that cannot be linked directly to you. It is the type of information that cannot be used to identify you.

In this category, we may include statistical information, such as gender or general location. It also includes technical information about browser, operating system or hardware. We also log information related to your interaction with the website once you give your consent. These include the time and date you accessed the website, time and date you exited, pages you visited, and time you spent on each page.

Why would we collect it?

This type of information is used mostly for statistical purposes. By noting when our users prefer to read our articles, we can deliver contact on a schedule that better suits our readers.

Noting how much time users spend on a particular article may help us understand which type of content they prefer, and which content they dislike. This can help us improve the content of OnlineSurveyReports.

Browser, OS and hardware information helps us optimize our website, to fit the needs of all our users.

How we collect information

When it comes to personally identifiable information, we will never collect it without your consent. You must offer this information voluntarily. We will ask only for necessary information. We will not use it for any other purposes apart from the ones mentioned previously.

Non-personally identifiable information may be collected through cookies or log files. If you do not want us to collect information via cookies, you may disable them through the settings tab of your browser.

Log files collect only information that is necessary for the functionality of our website, such as browser, OS or hardware details. Without this information, our website could not function properly.


Our website may link to third party websites. This privacy policy applies solely to OnlineSurveyReports. We do not take responsibility for the way in which these website use, store and collect personal information.

Our website is also linked to third party applications. These applications may collect non-personally identifiable information for the purposes of optimizing future searches and delivering appropriate content and suggestions to our users. These applications are not malicious in nature, they are merely there to help enhance your internet browsing experience. However, we cannot take responsibility for the way in which these apps collect, store and use the information of our users.

INow that you learned how collects and manages personal and non-personal data that pertain to users, you can move on to our Terms of Use. In this section, you will learn the purpose of this website as well as the ways you can use the content here.