The Pizza Hut survey at, allows you to voice your opinion to improve your dining experience. You can leave detailed reviews and collect rewards as well. Our handy guide will tell you the requirements for filling out the TellPizzaHut survey and provide you with step-by-step instructions and Pizza Hut contact details.

Pizza Hut Survey Requirements

There are some guidelines you’ll need to follow to be eligible to enter the TellPizzaHut survey portal.

  • You need a validPizza Hut survey entry code.
  • There will be a survey code printed on your receipt if you have recently dined at a Pizza Hut restaurant.
  • Otherwise, you can order a pizza online, in which case you’ll receive the code via email.
  • You must use the code within 48 hours of receiving it.
  • If you have a receipt from Pizza Hut but it does not contain a code, you can use the restaurant number printed on the receipt instead.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Only legal residents of the U.S. or Canada who are of age can take the survey.

Pizza Hut Survey Survey Benefits & Rewards

Once you answer all the survey questions and submit them, Pizza Hut will automatically invite you to join its sweepstakes draw. In the Pizza Hut sweepstakes, one entry may receive a prize totaling $1,000. Even if you do not win one of the $1000 prizes, Pizza Hut awards participants with $500 prizes three times per week. You must fill out all questions on the survey to be eligible for any rewards. You’ll confirm that you wish to enter the sweepstakes and provide contact information the company can use if you do win one of the prizes.

Pizza Hut Survey: How to Participate

You will find detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to complete the Tell Pizza Hut survey below.

  1. Navigate your browser to, the Pizza Hut survey website. Pizza Hut Language Select
  2. Type your survey code into the blank field on this screen.
  3. Remember to enter the restaurant number if you can’t find a code on your receipt.
  4. Press ‘Enter,’ and you’ll be taken to the next screen.
  5. On this screen, input the date and time when you made the purchase on the receipt. You can enter your ticket number here too though it is not required.
  6. Complete all questions on the survey that follows. The questions will relate to your personal experiences with Pizza Hut, its locations and its products.
  7. Enter your email address and other contact info so the company can get in touch with you if you win one of the prizes.Pizza Hut Survey

Pizza Hut Survey – Useful Info

Before you take the survey, double-check the date on your receipt or email to ensure it’s valid. The Pizza Hut website needs both Java and cookies in order to run properly. If you don’t wish to enable them, you’ll need to add the survey website to the list of exceptions in your Internet settings. If the survey seems slow to respond, it is likely because the site has paused the survey as it collates data. Participants can contact PIzza Hut directly to report any further issues. You will find their contact information below.

If you’re not a big fan of survey sweepstakes, but would still like to take advantage of a survey reward, consider taking a survey like the Dunkin Donuts survey. They offer discount coupons to anyone who takes their survey.

Contact the Pizza Hut Company

You can contact Pizza Hut directly to discuss any issues or problems.

Customer Service by Phone
You can reach the company by phone at 1-800-948-8488.

The survey website provides a link to their online email form.

Local Visit
You can use Pizza Hut’s online store locator to find the physical restaurant nearest you.

Social Media
Lastly, you can contact the restaurant chain on social media via their Facebook page or Twitter feed.

You’re all set to take the Tell Pizza Hut survey. Feel free to reach out to us and leave a comment or question below.