This is a Greyhound survey guide that will give you the information you need to complete the Greyhound customer satisfaction survey online and enter to win a prize. To start off, we’re going to talk about the survey requirements. Afterward, we’ll list the various rewards you can get from finishing this survey. Then, we’re going to list the steps you’ll need to take to finish the survey itself. At the end of the report, you’ll find miscellaneous useful info about taking the Greyhound customer satisfaction survey and contact information for Greyhound.

Survey Participation Requirements

To take part in the Greyhound survey, you’ll need to meet these requirements.

  • You have your most recent trip ticket on-hand.
  • You don’t work for Greyhound, and neither does any member of your household.
  • You’re age 18 or older.
  • You are a resident of the United States.

Survey Rewards and Benefits

In most cases, you’ll be entered to win $500 upon completion of the Greyhound survey. The prize will change from time to time, so check your receipt for current details. After you log into the survey website, the current Greyhound survey prize will be displayed at the top of the page in a large, red font. Sharing your feedback with Greyhound also allows you to help better the experience of future Greyhound customers.

Survey: How to Participate

To complete the Greyhound survey, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the Greyhound customer satisfaction survey to get started.
  2. To take the survey in Spanish or French, look in the top-right corner of the page for your preferred language and click on it.
  3. Answer “Yes” to the question “Have you finished your most recent trip with us?” to proceed.Greyhound Survey
  4. Log in using the last six digits of your ticket number or confirmation number as your username.
  5. Enter “Good Dog” as the password and click “Next” to start answering questions.Greyhound Survey Login
  6. Tell Greyhound how you found out about their services.
  7. Tell Greyhound why you chose their services.
  8. Answer some short questions about the cleanliness of Greyhound buses and facilities, the friendliness of staff, and the adequacy of service provided.
  9. When a large text box appears and you start typing in details about your experience, be sure to elaborate as much as possible. Especially if you had an overwhelmingly negative or positive experience, sharing your personal feedback will help Greyhound improve.
  10. At the end of the survey, enter some basic contact information. Greyhound will use this information to contact you in the case that you win their drawing for $500.

Survey – Useful Info

  • The Greyhound survey is fairly quick to complete – you’ll need about ten minutes.
  • If you have technical issues with the survey, try enabling your browser cookies. If that doesn’t work, check to see if your browser needs to be updated. Finally, try updating JavaScript, as many survey sites do not work with older versions. If you continue to have issues using the site, contact Greyhound customer support.
  • Complete the Greyhound survey on a laptop or desktop computer for the best results. The survey website is not well-optimized for mobile use.
  • Double check the accuracy of the personal information you provide to Greyhound during the survey. If you’re a winner and Greyhound is unable to contact you, they will be forced to select another winner.


Greyhound has a specific customer support number for people who are having trouble using any part of their website. Call 1-800-268-9000 at any time to get assistance with the survey. You can also email Greyhound at to get help. You can also reach out to Greyhound with comments and concerns on Facebook and Twitter.

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