If you have recently gone to a Dave and Busters location, you can fill out the Dave and Busters survey to share feedback about your experiences with the company. The following is intended to provide you with more information about the survey such as the requirements to take it, how to take it, and contact information for the company.

Dave and Busters Survey Participation Requirements

There are no rules listed to take the Dave and Busters survey. However, there are still some basic requirements that you have to meet in order to participate in the survey:

  • A valid receipt from your recent visit is required as you must enter the ID number found only on the receipt.
  • This Dave and Busters survey is only taken in English, so it is evident that you need to have a basic understanding of the English language.
  • The survey sponsor behind this requires that participants are 16 years old or older for the purpose of collecting information given while taking the survey.

Dave and Busters Survey Benefits & Rewards

When you complete the Dave and Busters survey, the rewards can vary at times. Typically, finishing the survey results in you receiving a free coupon code for the reward printed on your receipt. In some cases, there may be no reward if the purpose of the survey is simply to gather customer feedback in order for the company to improve their services.

Dave and Busters Survey: How to Participate

  1. Go to the Dave and Busters Guest Satisfaction Survey website.
  2. Found on your receipt, enter the 17-digit ID without any of the spaces or dashes.Dave and Busters Survey
  3. Input the date of your visit to Dave and Busters.
  4. From your power card, enter its eight or nine digit code.
  5. You may be asked about what you did during your visit (e.g. eat, play games).
  6. Once you reach the questions, you will be asked to rate your level of satisfaction with different aspects of Dave and Busters.
  7. Answer questions about the likelihood of recommending it or returning to Dave and Busters.
  8. Finish answering all questions as truthfully as possible.
  9. Submit the Dave and Busters survey to finish.

Dave and Busters Survey – Useful Info

From the moment you visit the Dave and Busters survey website, there is a notice that appears on the page talking about the collection of cookies. This is done to improve the website and your experience on it. If you encounter some issues, check that your cookies are enabled for the survey website. After doing so, consider restarting the browser or taking the survey in a different internet browser.

If those options fail to correct issues with the website such as problems loading up the webpage, you can contact support from InMoment, the survey sponsor. You can call them at 1-800-467-0047 or email them at support@inmoment.com.

Contact Dave and Busters Company

Contacting Dave and Busters is done through several means such as over the phone and online.

Dave and Busters phone numbers:

  • Guest Relations: (888) 300-1515 | Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CST
  • After hours voicemail for Guest Relations: (800) 842-5369
  • Corporate Office: (214) 357-9588 | Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CST

You can further reach out to the Corporate Office by writing to them at 2481 Mañana Drive, Dallas, TX 75220. There is also a Comment Card you can fill out on the Dave and Busters official website.

Dave and Busters is also found on these social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can use any of these methods to further connect with Dave and Busters, leave some more thorough comments, or even ask questions.