This guide will outline all of the necessary information you need to know to complete the USPS customer satisfaction survey successfully. We’ll go over requirements for participation and walk you through the steps to complete the USPS survey. Through this feedback survey, you’ll be able to provide USPS with valuable information about your purchase experience at USPS. Look for a survey invitation at the bottom of your receipt to take the survey.

Survey Participation Requirements

There are no requirements to take the USPS survey. This brief customer feedback survey does not ask for any of your personal information and you won’t be contacted in any way regarding your input. USPS asks that you have a recent receipt from a transaction made at a USPS office to take part in the guest satisfaction survey.

Survey Rewards and Benefits

By participating in the USPS survey, you will be able to improve the future customer experience at USPS by sharing your opinions and feedback. Through your feedback, the company will have actionable guidelines on how to make their services better.

Survey: How to Participate

Follow these steps to complete the USPS survey. This short customer satisfaction survey will only take about two minutes to complete entirely.

1. Navigate to the USPS website for customer care survey to start the survey process.

2. Select your language: English or Spanish. Click “Next” twice.USPS Survey Language select

3. Enter the zip code from your USPS store receipt. Click “Next.”USPS Survey

4. Select the store location you made a purchase from and click “Next.”

5. Enter the date of your transaction. You’ll find it at the top of your receipt. If you’re having trouble locating the date on your USPS receipt, refer to the visual guide provided in the center of the page. Then, click “Next.”

6. Rate your overall USPS experience from among using the following criteria: Very satisfied, mostly satisfied, somewhat satisfied, somewhat dissatisfied, mostly dissatisfied, and very dissatisfied. Click “Next.”

7. On a scale from one to ten, select how likely you are to recommend USPS services to a friend, family member or colleague based on your in-store experience.

8. Once you select a number, a text box will pop up and you’ll be able to enter specific details related to your rating of USPS service. This step is optional. Nonetheless, this is your main opportunity to give USPS specific feedback about your experience and opinions. Click “Next” when you’re finished writing.

9. You will now be asked a multiple choice question about what you believe the most important characteristic of a good sales associate is. Select your answer and click “Next.”

10. Rate the sales associate you encountered during your visit on four different areas of their ability and customer service skills. Click “Next.”

11. Answer two multiple-choice questions about the amount of time you spent waiting in line. Click “Next” after each question.

12. Finally, USPS will ask you for any further comments or suggestions that they can use to improve their overall guest experience. After including your remaining thoughts, click “Next” to submit the survey.

Survey – Useful Info

  • To get more information about how USPS and the survey provider use the information you provide within the USPS survey, read through the MaritzCX privacy policy as well as the USPS privacy policy.
  • Should you accidentally answer a question incorrectly at any point in the process, you can always use the “Back” button in your survey window to return to the previous page.
  • To have the smoothest USPS survey experience, access the website through a desktop or laptop computer instead of a smartphone or a tablet.


If you encounter any technical issues while taking the survey, you can email to get support. If you have a more general inquiry related to USPS service, email them through the USPS customer support section on their website. You can also contact USPS customer service by reaching out to their USPS Facebook page or their official USPS customer response Twitter account.


USPS is an important service throughout the United States. This is why it is important for both the country and the company itself to avoid stagnation and continuously strive to fine-tune their business and services. This is why this online USPS survey plays a key role in establishing a healthy relationship between client and service. If you managed to finish the survey successfully, let us know how it went in the comment section below.